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The Very Best Bird Feeders

It is certainly undeniable that bird feeding is a fun activity that is enjoyed by people across the world. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that bird feeding makes people feel relaxed and enjoy the minimal pleasures of life with simplicity. The bird feeding activity is not an easy one as it sounds as the most intricate part of engaging in this activity is finding the proper and efficient bird feeder, which basically depends upon the type of birds that you really desire to invite to your garden area and feed. As the marketplace is flooded with the different varieties of bird feeders, the obvious choice depends upon your preference of choosing the particular category of birds to feed along with the quality of bird feeder.

Best Bird Feeders

If you are really interested in having the bird feeder in your backyard or the garden area, then you must be aware about the kind of bird feeders available in the market along with the challenges that come along with getting the bird feeder. The key challenges of choosing a bird feeder are that it should be capable to withstand the obstacles posed by squirrels, extreme weather conditions and keeping the food seeds safe from fungus and bacteria. So, let’s study about The Very Best Bird Feeders.

1. The Benefits of House or Hopper Feeders

It must be mentioned that house or hopper feeders are great home for birds as these feeders provide full protection to the bird seeds and also helps to protect the seeds against the extremities of the different seasons and bird droppings. The key benefit of using the hopper feeders is that you can attract a wide variety of birds which include sparrows, titmice, jays, finches and many other species of birds. But care should be taken to avoid getting the seed wet in this bird feeder as it can lead to the growth of fungus and bacteria in the seeds, which may become harmful for the birds. Moreover, you can put the bird seeds in the hopper feeder which may last longer for a week, but you need to clean it properly and that too regularly to avoid the growth of fungus or bacteria. The other benefit of using a hopper feeder is that you can make them fix on a pole which makes it extremely easy for the birds to feed from it.

Bird Feeder
Bird Feeder

 2. The Advantages of Tube Feeders

The tube feeders play a crucial role in attracting small birds like sparrows, finches, titmice, chickadees, and grosbeaks. The tube feeder has got the hollow tube with feeding ports made of metal, which helps in keeping the seeds dry and well protected from squirrels. In the tube feeder, the perches are designed above the feeding point so as to enable the birds to have feed by hanging upside down as in case of chickadees and goldfinches. This would particularly help to distract the large species of birds and allow smaller birds to feed. But, it’s significant to cover the bottom of the tube feeder and that too beneath the base of feeding ports to discourage the growth of mold and bacteria.

Note : – Sometimes squirrels can cause nuisance while feeding birds so it is better to use latest squirrel proof birdfeeders so that you don’t get distracted by them.

3. The Easy and Effective Maintenance of Window Feeders

The window feeders are great in terms of maintenance and also ensure birds’ safety along with getting a very close view of birds coming to your window. You can make use of window feeders which you can affix to your window glass where the platform feeders can be easily hooked into the frames of your window allowing you to feed the birds daily and clean it properly. The key benefit of using the window feeder is that there are no chances of birds getting hurt in window collisions. So, the window feeders are being considered as the safest bird feeders which are also easy to clean and maintain.

4. Tray or Platform Feeders

The tray or platform feeders are great in terms of attracting a large number of birds with optimum bird seeds. But, you need to be careful about getting the bird seed spoiled by squirrels, bird droppings and a rainy season. The tray feeder should be regularly cleaned along with making sure to keep the seeds dry with the use of drainage holes.

Therefore, by going through the different categories of bird feeders, it can be concluded that you can select The Very Best Bird Feeder depending upon your need to attract a particular species of birds, along with ensuring safety of bird seeds from large birds and squirrels and the space which you think can be utilized for bird feeding.