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Are Trampolines Safe for Kids ?

It is unquestionably true that every parent desires his kids to be active and energetic and getting them engaged in the extra curriculum activities is a great option for making them having a wider outlook towards life. It’s a fact that kids are getting engaged in playing with trampolines, which, according to the survey conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, is not a healthy option, as even a slight mistake can lead to serious implications which include sprains, strains, and even fracture. So, it really makes the sense that the trampoline are not the safest option for kids and if you really desire to add the fun of a trampoline into your kids’ playtime, then make sure to follow the necessary instructions and guidelines to avoid any sort of injury.

Are Trampolines Safe for Kids?


It’s a fact that the question of Are Trampolines Safe for Kids? is getting prominence in the current scenario as many kids prefer to add a trampoline to their favorite activities and the recent studies have comprehensively shown the negative aspects of children playing with a trampoline. So, let’s take a look into the question about the safety concerns of Trampolines and try to find out the possible solutions.

1. Make Adequate Usage of Safety Nets

It is reported  recently that while playing on the trampoline, the risk of getting hurt is higher to almost more than a hundred injuries over a period of five months and more importantly, the one-third injuries come out as fractures. So, to avoid all these unnecessary complications, there is a need of effective utilization of safety nets, which minimize the chance of any sort of injury to the kids. But, the actual problem comes when people do not understand to make the proper use of safety nets and the obvious result is that your child is still unsafe with all the safety measures. Moreover, kids do not have much control over the balancing their body and they end up hurting themselves by having sprains, strains and sometimes fracture also. So, make sure to assemble the safety net properly before allowing your kids playing on the trampoline.

2. Avoid the Possible Cause of Multiple Injuries by Understanding the Reasons

The most common form of injury while playing upon the trampoline is getting sprains and strains and the serious injury could be the fractures, cuts, bruises, head injuries, concussions, neck injury and scrapes. These injuries can become fatal leading to serious complications to a kid’s health resulting in permanent damage to the body part or even more threatening than this. So, when the parents are aware about the type of injury that can be occurred while jumping on the trampoline, then they can take the precautionary measures properly.

3. Causes of Injury

It’s important to comprehend the causes of injury to kids while jumping up on the trampoline, which helps in avoiding any unpleasant situation. The main reasons of injury include when more than one kid is jumping up on a trampoline, make a wrong landing, while jumping, doing somersaults, trying out different stunts, landing on the springs or falling from the trampoline. All these things can cause serious implications resulting in dangerous injuries to kids.

4. Do You Think You Need to Buy Trampoline for Your Kids?

If you are planning to buy a trampoline for your kids and keep it in the backyard, then think again as the full sized and middle sized trampolines should only be used for sports like gymnasium, diving and in gyms and certainly not in homes. So, make sure to encourage your kids to take up other fun activities like cycling, football, or any other game of their interest. Even then, if your child persists, then take them in parks to enjoy jumping up on trampolines, but only under the professional guidance of a trainer. It’s primarily significant to understand that you have to keep a watch over your kids while they enjoy themselves with trampoline as even a minute

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Therefore, the best possible answer for the question, Are Trampolines Safe for Kids? suggests the fact that you should encourage your kids to play with trampoline only under the expert supervision and that too by following all the necessary precautions. You can also read trampoline reviews for kids to know better about trampoline so that you can choose the best one for your kids.  It’s important to understand that people should discourage the use of old and damaged trampoline and make sure to assemble all the parts of a trampoline with proper padding to ensure that all the safety measures are being taken. This helps to minimize injuries and make trampoline safe for kids.