Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings Review

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System features very smooth linear bearings joined with machined steel guide rods that guarantee an excellent and smooth movement. This complete body training system includes a smith machine that is accurate, linear bearings, a pulley system routed with a cable, an Olympic free-weight stand, thus making it a striking and a resourceful product. It is a gym quality product that will suit in your home. You can perform almost every major exercise with this machine and not just a few, but a majority of the gym exercises can be carried out on this machine in the comfort of your houses. The design is secured and protected and you can comfortably perform activities on it, without getting injured. It looks attractive and can be easily placed in your living room, and the unreasonably low price makes it a true steal. The company’s primary principle in designing this machine was to spread the benefits of a healthy living by exercising regularly. It encourages the attractiveness of fitness and strength training and holds superbly to this guiding principle.



The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear bearings is a comprehensive machine with ample exercise options. In one compact design, it combines two different kinds of power building tools. It permits you to carry out more than 100 exercises. This equipment comes with a distinctive cable cross dual pulley system that lets you perform purposeful exercises that make use of movements related to sports and daily life tasks. The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings is purely designed to provide you a gym inside the comforts of your home and to let you exercise like you do in a gym.

Multiple Features

Other features of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings include a multi-purpose weight bench with entire leg developer and bicep preacher curl; security Olympic bar catches, a cable routed pectoral fly station for aiming at chest muscles, flexible Smith bar catches, a 600-lb. Full weight capacity and a lifetime of delight. Its numerous features have excited quite a lot of people, and they are surprised by the performance of this machine. You could not ask for more after procuring this multi-purpose and dynamic machine for your home gym. It’s a complete gym in itself at an affordable price.


Features And Specifications

  • Off the floor, base frame design provides increased stability
  • Dual action leg developer with six oversized roller pads and row/curl bar. Proper pivot points on leg developer for proper muscle isolation.
  • Adjustable bar catches and safety stoppers
  • Diamond plated non-slip foot brace for seated row exercises
  • Warranty: 2 years limited on parts
  • Super smooth linear bearings along with machined steel guide rods for truly smooth movement;
  • 2″ x 2 3/4″ heavy duty tubular steel frame, which comes with a 7-degree angle meant to accommodate the natural movements of your upper and lower body;
  • A durable powder coated finish;
  • 75″ nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings;
  • Aircraft cable with 2000-lbs tensile strength;
  • Commercial grade pop pins adjustment;
  • Chrome striker plates and commercial grade bar and safety catches;
  • 6 Olympic plate storage pegs;
  • A full complement of accessories;
  • A quality multi-function bench, with preacher curls and leg developer.

Customer Reviews

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings is a sure shot buy in terms of the functionalities it offers and the low price it has. It is termed as an excellent machine as it is attractive, of great quality and adds value to your workout session. The bearings, actions, and cables are very smooth. This equipment is titled as a well designed and robust machine that is perfect for home use. The customers have rated it at 4.1 out of 5. They are happy and satisfied with the variety of exercises it offers. It can be placed in the living room of your house due to its striking looks. Customers of every age can use this machine and benefit from it. It is comfortable, safe and very smooth.


Being a very apt and a resourceful machine, the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings does raise a few concerns. Although, it doesn’t give you any unrealistic expectations, but some things need to be kept in mind while using this wonderful equipment. The primary concern is its assembly, once you receive it. People have found it a little challenging to get the whole thing assembled easily. But, actually the process is simple; you just need to spend some time in understanding the instructions carefully. Once you get the clarity, it isn’t an enormous task. Another concern that people raise is that you need to buy separate Olympic weights. But it’s not justified to complain here as this is SOP with free weight gyms.


The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings is a machine with tremendous potential as it can turn your fitness dreams into reality, and at a very low price. It allows you to perform almost every exercise and that too in the comfort of your home. Our muscles react 30 percent better to free weights than they do to machine weights. Also, the free weights offer smooth motion, and this concept is taken up very well by this machine. You can do squats perfectly on the smith machine, giving the feel of a real gym workout. What else one needs? It is extremely convenient, and the investment you do on this equipment will undoubtedly get paid off. It is there to stay for years as the built is quite strong and sturdy. It not only works efficiently but provides full safety to its user. The look is striking and classy and thus makes it easy to display it at home. The customers are impressed with its quality-to-price ratio, and this makes it a true steal. Moreover, the company is a trusted one and offers two years warranty on this product. So, if you are working for a free weight workout at a reasonable price, then this is the best buy.