Chocolate Statistics around the Globe

Chocolate is loved the world over. And, although we might all have that one weird friend who doesn’t like chocolate, they are clearly in the minority. So we love to eat chocolate and eat chocolate and then eat some more chocolate till we’re sick and can’t move, but have you ever wondered where the largest amount of cocoa comes from or how much cocoa is produced worldwide to satisfy our seemingly insatiable appetites for chocolate? Here’s your chance to impress some friends with some great facts and figures about cocoa production and distribution worldwide.

infographic on chocolate


Would you have ever guessed that 4.6 million tonnes of cocoa are produced worldwide or that Cote d’ Ivoire would be the largest producer of  cocoa beans in the world! Also, cocoa production has increased almost 4 times since 1961, which would not come as much of a surprise given that the world’s population has also since doubled. At any rate, I hope that this has been informative and interesting to learn for you.



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