Is Butter Flavored Popcorn a Health Risk?

It is certainly true that popcorns are enjoyed by people across the globe and being considered as the favorite snacks loaded with health benefits. But, recently there has been the awareness about the health risks of butter-flavored popcorns. Now, the question arises as to how the  healthy popcorns pose a threat to human health, then the most appropriate answer would be the use of butter-flavored popcorns  and that too prepared with artificial butter in a microwave. It’s significant to go through the details regarding the chemical composition of artificial butter popcorns to be prepared in a microwave to comprehend the magnitude of its adverse effect on health. Even before buying a popcorn popper you must read about the latest popcorn popper reviews in details so that you can get to know the exact consumption which is there in the popcorn poppers.

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 Is Butter Flavored Popcorn a Health Risk?

It’s unequivocally true that people throughout the world love to gorge on their favorite snack and that too at any time. So, when this perspective about the negative impact of artificial butter-flavored popcorns brought into the public domain, so this called for effective introspection of the implications of these popcorns on health. So, let’s just find out the facts behind the question  Is Butter Flavored Popcorn a Health Risk?

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1. Understanding the Medical Implications of Term Called “Popcorn Lung

It’s significant to comprehend the fact that the term popcorn lung is widely used for a condition when a person inhales the artificial butter flavoring which comes from the popcorns being prepared in a microwave. It is required to mention that there is a chemical called diacetyl, which in simple terminology is the artificial butter flavoring. It is, in fact, the natural occurring substance, which in itself, is not dangerous to health, but when it gets vaporized, then it can lead to damage of lungs if exposed for a longer duration, as it can cause a severe condition of Bronchiolitis Obliterans. Moreover, when the microwave popcorns are heated up, then the Teflon similar coating of the popcorn bag gets melted and starts mixing into the popcorns which includes the material like Perfluorooctanoic and goes into the blood stream causing severe damage to health.

2. Who is at the Maximum Risk of getting Popcorn Lung?

It’s imperative to understand that if you are one of those millions of people, who prefer to enjoy their most favored snacks while watching movies or while enjoying time with your family, then certainly you are not at the risk of getting this problem. But, make sure that you are not addictive to munch excessively on this snack every day as the factory workers who constantly pop large quantities of popcorn packets get exposed to a maximum risk of lung damage.

 3. How to Keep Your Popcorns Safe from Popcorn Lung?

There are no second thoughts about the fact that excess of everything is bad, which strongly applies to this scenario very well. As you can enjoy your favorite pack of popcorns, but make sure not to become additive of having it on a daily basis and in large quantities. The best possible solution of keeping your popcorns safe from the deadly chemical of diacetyl is to prepare your own bowl of delicacy at your home. The key idea is to put the clarified butter in the popcorns after they have popped up instead of opting for the artificial butter flavoring.

4. The Healthy Way of Having Popcorns

The healthiest popcorns can be prepared using the air popper and then you can add the minimal extra virgin olive oil and then add the sea salt in the mixture to get the desired delicacy. In this way you need not to heat up the olive oil as heating damages the polyphenol antioxidants, which are required to maintain the healthy properties of olive oil. So, in this way, you can have your desired snack without any potential health risk. But, it must be kept in mind that there is need to take the precaution while preparing your popcorns and avoid the excess intake to remain healthy. It must be stated here that popcorn in itself is a healthy snack as it is loaded with goodness of Magnesium, Potassium, and other healthy nutritional elements. In fact, the single cup of popcorns has double the quantity of polyphenol as compared to that of the single serving of vegetables and fruits.


Therefore, it all depends upon the process of popping up of your popcorns which make the entire difference in the goodness and nutritional value of a cup of popcorns. So, now you must have comprehended Is Butter Flavored Popcorn a Health Risk? And now you know how to prepare them to maintain their inherent goodness with amazing flavor.

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