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Vitor Dias Cunha

Hey guys, I am Vitor Dias Cunha from Christchurch, New Zealand. My age is 26 years and I have done in electronics and communication. I love to sing English songs and enjoy “Game of Thrones” in my free time.

From the school days, I was not good in co-curricular activities. I just used to take part in the studies and not do any extra thing. My father was not happy about this thing. He always force me to do any thing extra along with studies. Then, I consider my singing skill as I used to sing the English songs very much. When I was in 10th standard, the music class was going on. The teacher asked every student to sing a good song. Except four students no other student got ready to sing a song. Then the teacher told that it is big competition and the student who will sing the best song will get a wonderful. One by one many students sang their songs. Some girls were having very good voices while there were also some other who made others laugh incessantly by singing very bad song. Then comes my turn, I was very much nervous because was singing a song in front of many students for the very first them. After singing the soon, I was surprised to hear the noise of so many claps. Every one was mesmerized after my performance and was praising a lot of me. Obviously, I won the competition and got the award. After this incidence, I got an opportunity to sing in the annual function of the school. Then I become very famous and called as the best singer of the school. So, due to all these things I like singing very much and have become a good singer.

Also during my school, there were many tools for teaching us how to make many difficult type projects. Among these tools, one was router table that is very easy and safe to use and provide wonderful performance. By working practically on the router table, I developed a lot of confidence and found myself very much self sufficient for making many other projects without any extra help. Then, I created a website particularly on the router table for making everyone about this wonderful tool. Do spend some time on the site and have knowledge about the router table.

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