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Tips for Router Table Safety

Safety is a huge concern when you work with router tables. Whether you use a freehand router or one that is mounted on a table, a router is an immensely powerful tool with a bit that spins at over 20,000RPM. Without proper precaution and guidance you could be at the receiving end of a whole lot of kick back from the router. Following good safety protocol is essential and makes all the different between injury, damage to property and successful wood working projects. In this article we present you with a number of tips and practices that will help keep you safe and ensure that you operate with maximum efficiency and success.

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Router Table Safety Tips

1. Read the user Manual

The first and most important thing to do when you receive your router is to read the safety manual. All the information you will ever need to know for using that particular product is mentioned in length in most manuals. We are inundated on a daily basis with hundreds of questions regarding the most explicitly mentioned material in the manual. Although, it may seem tiring and tedious, it is important to read, if you wish to use your router table to the best of its capacity.

2. Wear the Safety Gear

There is no explaining the untold damage that could have been avoided if people only wore the required gear. As we mentioned earlier, the router operates at tremendous speeds and churn out dust and other fine particles that can be hazardous without the proper gear. They are also pretty loud, which can pose a problem for a number of people. Hence, it is recommended that people wear the appropriate eye gear, ear gear and have adequate dust collection systems in place each time they rout. Also, we do not recommend wearing loose fitting clothing which might accidentally get caught in the bit. Keep your hair tied, if you have longer hair. Read the best router table reviews from Router Table Pros.

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3. First Unplug then Adjust

No matter how tiny the adjustment or how quickly you think you can perform, it is always recommended to first unplug or power off the router before you do anything. Whether it is changing the bit, lifting the table, adding a featherboard or even laying a finger on the table, make sure it switched off. Make sure the router’s on-off switch is switched off before plugging it back in and confirm that the router’s collet and attachments, clamps, etc. are securely tightened before powering the router back up.

4. Make the sure the bit is it fit Properly

When you select your bit, first inspect it for any signs of damage before inserting it into the router. After inspection, you can insert he bit into the collet. You should leave it approx 1/16 in out and never allow full contact with the bottom of the collet. This can cause the bit to get loose during the routing which is extremely dangerous. You must use Bosch ra1181 benchtop router table to make your work easy. Also, always use a featherboard to hold the block in place when you rout. This adds security and stability to the routing.

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